Kalent was born in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic on the 4th of March (never mind the year) daughter of Doctor Andres Duverge and Administration Major Josefina Zaiz and the third of six children.

Her parents separated before she had achieved the age of reason and she couldn’t recollect her father’s presence in the house. At the age of four she was taken to the north of the country to live with her godmother, once there, she was put to work on domestic duties, looking after the shop and fetching water.

Despite this, she was always an optimistic child, filled with happiness. For her, the separation from her mother was the deciding factor in her life and every day she hoped for a visit from her mother, her hope being crystallized by the fluttering of a butterfly! Each time that she saw a small black butterfly, she would say to herself, “today my mother will come to see me” and mysteriously it came true. It’s for this reason that she has happiness in her eyes when she sees a butterfly.One January 5th she was sitting watching the door of her godmother’s shop when a small black butterfly landed on her right hand, she shone with happiness.

Unfortunately this day her belief didn’t become reality, only a messenger arrived with a box full of gifts which were for her. There was a large monkey, a dress with an enormous giraffe printed on it, this was what her mother had sent. She threw down the box and cried as the messenger went away and for this bad behavior her punishment was to go and fetch some more water.

As she did so she was distracted, thinking that her mother wasn’t coming when, as she was crossing the road without looking, a bus hit her knocking her onto the pavement. When her mother heard about it she said that she would come to see her. This was good news for Kalent as nothing was more important than being close to her mother, but it wasn’t to be. Kalent was taken to the house of her mother’s aunt and this was the turning point shaping her future life. At the age of seven Kalent moved to the house of Antonio Selman (a Jew) and Blanca Milanez, a couple filled with love who had been married for thirty years without having been blessed with children. This was the reason that they filled Kalent’s life with joy, registering her in a college and treating her with love and respect. It was in their home that Kalent learnt about the value of life, love and respect towards other people. From this time on her life was different, the fairy story became a reality. This even enabled her not to feel the absence of her mother. Seven years later her adopted father Antonio died and three years after that a succession of circumstances offered her the opportunity of returning to her mother. But now things were no longer the same, she had other expectations and a different education, these were the reasons why the return to her mother didn’t last long and she decided to become independent at the age of fifteen. Whilst she had been with her adopted parents, she studied everything that was related to the arts and culture and visitors to the house were often from the world of the arts and TV. Relative to the family and her own independence she decided to take responsibility for her life, whilst she studied art, she worked as a model to pay her day to day living expenses and dedicated her life to the arts.

Her primary studies were at the convent Santisima Trinidad, passing her secondary studies at various educational centers which weren’t completed, until after the arrival of her first child. Time went by and then she went on to university which she didn’t finish due to unspecified reasons. She completed computer studies obtaining the title of system technician, studied dance at the cultural center in Santiago where she also studied professional acting, a career that she has dedicated herself too. She has continued to this day to take acting classes in the belief that every day you can learn something new.

She had a personal relationship lasting ten years from which she has two children Zaizlin Sanchez Duverge and Braxton Sanchez. In 2010 Kalent was married with the British designer and entrepreneur Phillip Booth, Kalent solicited her divorce in 2012. In February 2014 Kalent was married with American Stephen Marr with whom she lives with her two children and two cats.
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